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Welcome to Computer Science Department's website at Vigo University

The Computer Science Department at Vigo University includes the areas of Computer Languages and Systems and Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence.

Its staff has more than forty professors spread over the three campuses at the Vigo University.

The Computer Science Department develops an important research activity, through five research groups directed and integrated mainly by members of their staff.

The headquarters of the Department is located at Polytechnic Building on the Ourense Campus.

Management staff

Administrative: Alicia González Novoa
Tel: +34 988387038
e-mail: aliciag(at)uvigo.es

Management Team

Director: Dr. Juan Carlos González Moreno
Tel: +34 988387014
e-mail: jcmoreno(at)uvigo.es

Secretary: Dra. Lorena Otero Cerdeira
Tel: +34 988387022
e-mail: locerdeira(at)uvigo.es

Dpto. de Informática | Edificio Politécnico | Campus de Ourense | 32004 Ourense | Tel: +34 988387038 | dept15(at)uvigo.es